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Welcome to Jennifer Reina Photography

Newnan, Georgia’s, Custom Newborn Photographer.




Currently Booking

Maternity  |  Newborn  |  Baby Milestone  |  Custom Cake Smash Sessions
in my Newnan, Georgia Studio!

What type of session would you like to learn more about?

Due to my in-demand schedule, maternity sessions are only available as an add on to those clients who book a newborn session with Jennifer Reina Photography.

A maternity session is typically photographed when the mommy-to-be is between 32-36 weeks. However, I encourage clients to schedule their session when they feel most comfortable being photographed. These sessions are photographed in my Newnan, GA studio. Clients are welcome to use the maternity wardrobe I have available, which includes maternity gowns and separates to flatter the belly.

Maternity Collections start at $300 which includes the session and a product credit. Products & digital files are available for purchase off the a la carte menu at the in person Premier Ordering Session.


Newborn sessions are photographed in the morning hours in my Newnan, GA, studio  typically before baby is 2 weeks old. Here I have complete access to my props, backdrops and equipment as well as control over the light and the climate. This allows me to guarantee that the session will be able to go on as planned, without any outside factors to prevent me from shooting the session.

I provide full wardrobe & props for the newborn. I will capture posed images of your baby alone as well as with his/her siblings, each parent individually and the family as a whole.

I limit the number of photo sessions I book each week to ensure I am able to give each family my undivided attention throughout their experience with my studio. Newborn sessions, in particular, are best booked well in advance, most families secure their newborn session while they are still in their second trimester.

The newborn retainer is $400 which is then applied, in it’s entirety, to the collection of your choice. All collections include an art piece, gift prints and the digital files. Additional products are available for purchase off the a la carte menu at the in person Premier Ordering Session.


These sessions are designed to capture the important milestones your baby accomplishes throughout their first year. For that reason your baby will be the focus during this type of session.  These sessions are photographed in my Newnan, GA studio located in Coweta County, which allows me complete control over the weather and lighting as well as complete access to all my props, backdrops, and equipment.

A typical baby milestone session will last between 30-60 minutes. Within that time I will photograph your baby in 2 or more different sets & outfits. Before your session we’ll talk about what type of wardrobe will work best for the session. My studio also has an ever growing prop & wardrobe collection for client use during their sessions.

Instead of scheduling your baby milestone session at a certain age – schedule it at the milestone. Knowing how fast these little ones grow and change, makes it important to schedule in advance. Aside from a newborn session, I recommend having the following milestones photographed: when they are holding up their head unassisted during tummy time, when they are sitting unassisted (one of my favorite ages to photograph), when they are crawling, when they are standing unassisted, and finally, their very first birthday.

Baby Milestone sessions are offered FREE on select Mondays throughout the year. A Custom Baby Milestone Collection is $300 which includes the session and a product credit.  Products & digital files are available for purchase off the a la carte menu at the in person Premier Ordering Session.


A custom cake smash experience is $500 and includes

  • a 60 Minute Studio Session
  • a Product Credit to be used at the in person Premier Ordering Session

and coordinating

  • Designer Cake
  • Custom Cake Smash Outfit
  • Decorations

all in the colors or theme of your choice!

Or if you prefer to bring your own cake, outfit and decorations you are welcome to book a Custom Baby Milestone Session for $300. Additional products & digital files are available for purchase off the a la carte menu at the in person Premier Ordering Session.


Click to see more CAKE SMASH pictures!




All sessions include

  • A pre-session consultation in which I will get to know you, understand what you want from your images and start to put together your completely customized session.
  • A design consultation where I will help you create a custom wall gallery display for your home.
  • Planning and prep for your session as well as the use of any blankets, baskets, buckets, hats, headbands and any other props that I have available here in my studio.
  • My time & talent during and after your portrait session.
  •  A gallery of professionally retouched images presented to you in person at your Premier Ordering Session where I will help guide you through choosing the best collection of products for your needs & wants.
  • Checking and rechecking that your order arrives complete, accurate, and meets my quality standards.
  • Hand delivering your final products.
  • Top notch customer care, a quick response to any question or concerns you may have, and friendly, personalized attention throughout your entire experience with my studio.

A non-refundable retainer of $400 is due to book your Newborn Session. The entire retainer will be applied towards the collection of your choice! All newborn collections include an art piece, gift prints & digital files.




Clients choose between a wide variety of high quality, professional products available a la carte at the in person Premier Ordering Session.

Overall Investment

The average family typically invests about $2,400 on collections and products from their custom newborn session. There is no minimum investment required and products are tailored to fit each individual family’s wants and needs. I would love the opportunity to share more detailed information with you, contact me today to learn more.

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I know you’re probably going to skip over this important information – especially if this is your first visit to my website – but do yourself a favor and make sure you come back to check out these important blog posts. You will learn valuable things about me, newborn photography, saving money, and so much more!

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After asking for some recommendations and searching online, you’ll most likely check out my portfolio, make sure my location is convenient, decide whether or not I fit into your budget, and then contact me with your questions.

Pre Session Consultation

Once you feel I’m a good fit we’ll set up a time for you to come into the newborn photography studio for a no-obligation consultation. I’ll answer any questions you have about what it is like to work with Jennifer Reina Photography and tell you exactly what my studio can offer your family. You’ll be introduced to all the products I offer where you’ll see and feel their quality & craftsmanship for yourself. I’ll go over my collections and explain how you’ll save money by choosing the right one at booking vs. waiting to make your product selection at your in person Premier Ordering Session. While at the studio, you may also take the opportunity to check out my extensive prop collection and choose your favorites for use during your session.

The Booking Process

Whether you book your session at your in person consultation or at a later date, you’ll start by selecting the collection that best fits your needs. Next you’ll sign the contract and then pay the $300 retainer. At this point your session is secured on my schedule and we can get down to the fun stuff.

Design Consultation

Part of my job as a full service photography studio is helping my clients custom design artwork for their walls. We’ll use images of the walls in your home to create a display of canvases or framed prints that fit and properly fill the space you wish to hang your art. By doing this before the session I can ensure I’ll get the right images for the design we create. This is the best way I have found to provide my clients with exactly what they want and need.

Session Preparation

Once baby arrives and we confirm a date I’ll send out a quick email which will outline everything we discussed in person including topics such as your wardrobe for the family portraits, what to bring from home, and some other tips to help your session run as smoothly as possible.


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The Photo Session

Believe it or not, this is the easy part! You just have to show up and I will take care of everything else. I know how hard it can be to get out the door with a 5 day old newborn, especially for first time parents, so I have eliminated any stress and welcome my clients to roll out of bed and head over to the studio, PJ’s, bed head and all.

The day of the session you’ll arrive here at 9:00 am where the newborn photography studio will be nice and warm and set up with a beautiful neutral backdrop awaiting your baby. If it’s time for baby to eat when you arrive either you or I will give him/her a full feeding while we discuss any last minute details about your session. Once he/she has a full belly and is milk coma happy, I’ll get right to work and you can go relax.

You’re always welcome to be in the shooting room at any time but there is also a comfortable parents lounge equipped with cold drinks, healthy snacks, and a bed! Yes, tell dad this will be the easiest photo shoot he will ever be apart of despite it being three hours long – he can nap through most of it!

If we are shooting family portraits – and I encourage all clients to do so at this session, I invite clients to shower and get ready for the camera here at the studio while I am photographing the baby alone. I will even arrange to have a hair and makeup stylist here for you.

During this session I will capture posed images of your newborn on two to three different backdrops as well as in a prop or two. Next I will capture images of your baby with each parent, both parents, any other children you have and finally the brand new family as whole.

The In Person Premier Ordering Session

About a week after your photo session your family will return to the studio where you will view your images for the first time in a lovely slideshow. Together we will select the best images to be displayed on the products you already purchased with your collection and at your design consultation. If you purchased an album or any other custom designed products you will be presented with a mock up for you to review and approve. Any additional order of products or digital files will be finalized and paid for at this sales session.

Product Delivery

Products take between 2-4 weeks to create. Once your order has been designed by me, approved by you and printed and delivered by my labs, you’ll come back to the studio one final time to review your order for accuracy and finally take your art home to be enjoyed for years to come.

Enjoying your Artwork

The true value of this whole experience won’t be recognized until about 3 years later when you are enjoying a lazy morning with your growing toddler snuggled up on your lap. You won’t be able to stop staring at her as her eyes light up, her mouth curls up in a sweet smile and her chubby little fingers excitedly turn the thick durable pages of her one-of-a-kind baby album.

Or five years later, when you are having a really rough day with your preschooler who has grown so much so fast. You will walk from your kitchen to his room and catch a glimpse of a canvas hanging on the wall of your sweet 6 day old baby. It will stop you in your tracks and force you to remember THIS time of your life. A time when you were excited and scared and happy and a complete ball of emotions. You will close your eyes, take a deep breath, and actually be able to smell your tiny baby again. You’ll walk in, scoop him up, and hold him tight, and forget what he was even doing that caused you to head into his room in the first place.


Don’t let this time slip away without documenting it. Contact me today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes actually, your entire $400 retainer is applied to the collection of your choice at your in person Premier Ordering Session.
Although the retainer is non-refundable, it is transferable as long as you get in touch with me right away and you remain in communication with me about the situation. You will have 6 months to apply the session fee to a future session for your baby.
I prefer to shoot in the studio so that I have complete control over the weather, lighting conditions and access to all my props & backdrops. You can read more about that here.
I believe that it is important for you to hire a photographer who’s going to provide you with exactly the kind of images you want. Do you see what you want when looking through my portfolio? We will discuss this to make sure I am a good fit for your family, and if I’m not, I will refer you to another photographer who is. While I want to make sure to incorporate things that are important to you in your session, I will stay consistent to my style as an artist. Pinterest is an amazing place to find inspiration, but I will not duplicate an image of someone else’s work.
The number of images I capture at each session will vary, however after every session I will choose 15-30 unique images to enhance and present to you in person at your Premier Ordering Session. Your images will be in color with selected images converted to black and white.
Jennifer Reina Photography is a full service photography studio and all sessions include an in person Premiere Ordering Session where you will view your images for the first time, choose your desired products, and complete your order.
I firmly feel as though custom portraiture is a luxury, but one that EVERYONE deserves at some point in their life. It is up to you to decide if having beautiful images of your newborn is worth saving and budgeting for. I have put together this blog post that shares ways you can save money when booking with me. I also offer an interest free payment plan for orders over $500. I am always open to bartering for services & products and will swap dollar for dollar.


Featured Newborn Slideshows

Watch more Newborn Videos on my YouTube Channel.

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