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Not only does it make my heart really happy to be able to shoot growing bellies through first birthdays, but it has become my niche, my specialty. This means I have been able to really focus my education towards mastering my craft and can offer clients my expertise in this field of photography.

When making the decision to hire me as your photographer, keep in mind that I am not here to simply show up with an expensive camera and take a few pictures. I really take the time to get to know my clients, which helps me carefully craft each session around them. My approach is quality over quantity. I spend upwards of 12 hours on (not with!) each client. Every client will receive my guidance and undivided attention throughout the booking, pre consultation, design session, photo session, ordering session & presentation of your final products. Because of that I limit the number of photo shoots I schedule each week to ensure I am able to provide each one with the same level of creativity, customer service and expertise.

We all have different needs, wants, style and budget when it comes to having custom portraits done and I believe it is important to find a photographer who can offer you just that right balance in order to be sure you get exactly what you want.  With that said, it is also important that you know what you want or at least have an idea of what style you are drawn to. I am glad you are here and I encourage you to take a look around my portfolio to see if what I do moves you.  I work out of my fully stocked newborn studio. I have a very clean editing style and I choose simple props for my sessions. If you are drawn to a very formal look, bright colors, bold patterns or lifestyle photography we may not be the best fit.

While not every image in a client’s final gallery is posed, I do enter each session with a plan. I have a blueprint of what poses will work for the child’s age and will map out the best flow in order to transition from one pose to the next to maximize our shooting time together. I do know however, that sometimes plans just need to be thrown to the wind and am fully prepared to do that to guarantee your child has an enjoyable time and that I can provide you with a gallery full of genuine expressions.

Although I offer digital files, my goal at every session is for my clients to walk away from their experience with Jennifer Reina Photography into a home thats walls are adorned with beautiful, personalized and customized pieces of art.  Art that will bring you back to that special time and place, even for a brief moment, when you walk by and glance at it. I offer a carefully selected menu of products and will skillfully guide you through the process of selecting the right ones for your family. I am not a salesperson, and my job is not to sell you prints, canvases or albums. Instead my job is to capture beautiful images of your baby that you just won’t want to live without.

Just as I am not the right photographer for every client – every family is not the right client for me. I am passionate about my business and take it seriously. I am looking for clients who are moved by my work and who share my perspective on custom photography. Custom photography is a luxury. Sometimes we can afford to indulge, and sometimes luxuries need to be budgeted for.


Jennifer Reina Photography specializes in newborn, maternity and baby photography in Newnan Georgia and surrounding areas including but not limited to Peachtree City, GA and Coweta County.

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