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When she first walked in she was tired, her feet hurt and she was a little bit nervous. She was greeted with friendly smiles and a cold drink and was shown to a comfortable chair. Slowly she worked her way into the seat and slipped off her shoes.

WOW! That was exactly what she needed. Why did she wait well into her third trimester to pamper herself? This pregnancy may have gone a little smoother had she taken better care of herself and maybe even treated herself to a massage every once in a while. With a smile on her face she opened her eyes and took a deep breath as she was offered some delicious smelling and adorably shaped cookies.

Still a little shy she accepted one and headed over to where the hair & makeup artist was set up.

“Sit here sweetie, it’s time to enhance that natural glow you’re sporting this morning”

Kicking herself for not taking two (or three) cookies she savored the last bite, and made a mental note to snag some on her way out. These would make perfect favors for the baby shower her sister was planning.

I will have to remember to tell her about them. She thought.

She chatted easily about the baby’s nursery, her spoiled vacation plans and the latest celebrity gossip while the stylist went to work on her. She was really starting to get excited about this now and on her way across the room, she snuck a peek at herself in the mirror that hung in the hall.

Yeah, this is going to be fun. She said to herself.

Looking at the canvases hanging on the wall and the albums spread out on the table full of beautiful babies, she felt a prickle of a tear thinking how in a few short weeks her sweet baby girl was going to arrive. She couldn’t wait to meet her. She wasn’t even a little bit nervous about it all. She was ready. She knew her husband was going to make an amazing father and her heart was so full of joy at that moment.

Ahh, just look how tiny that baby looks in her daddy’s hands! I want a picture just like that for our bedroom, maybe right over the dresser. She thought.

She was presented to a garment rack holding an assortment of dresses and got to choose her favorite one. The photographer showed her where to stand, and positioned her hands just so on her belly. Then the photographer tucked a stray hair, fluffed the dress, turned her head slightly to the left and grabbed her camera.

“Go ahead and stick your chin out, now tilt it down, a little more, right there, don’t move. I know it feels awkward but trust me you look beautiful. I want to see a slight smile on your lips and look down, only with your eyes, at your back elbow.” Click.

As she got into her car to head home, she decided to take the photographer’s advice to turn her day of pampering into a night of fun.

“Hey babe, I’m heading home now. Thank you so much for today, I can’t wait to see the pictures. You set the bar pretty high for my first mother’s day gift. Not sure you’ll be able to top this next year, but I have to say I am kind of looking forward to seeing you and our little princess try! Let’s go out to eat tonight. I love you.”


Will you be celebrating this Mother’s Day with baby still on the way? Why not treat yourself or better yet have someone you love treat you to a day of pampering topped off with a photo shoot to capture this special time in your life? Fill out the form to the right (or below if you are mobile) for more information.
Sunday, May 1, 2016 in Newnan, GA  |  $375
I would really love the opportunity to photograph you!


                Jennifer Reina Photography specializes in newborn, maternity and baby photography in Newnan Georgia and surrounding areas including but not limited to Peachtree City, GA and Coweta County.


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